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A great way to learn Indonesian is by watching videos. Here are some sample videos for beginners and intermediate students.


  Learn Indonesian with Comics!

Here's a sample of a student learning basic Indonesian with comics.

  Donal Bebek (Donald Duck)

These are CLASSIC comics for learning Indonesian with!

  Rayhan and Friends

This is a cute video of Rayhan playing with his friends. It's a bit difficult to catch all the Bahasa, but just seeing their characters from their actions is great!

  Bikin Pedang-pedangan

This is a good video for intermediate students.


I just started this particular site recently so it will be growing steadily. You can visit our sister site at Bintang Bahasa and, if you have any questions or would like some more downloadable material, just drop me an email.

Hope you enjoy the videos and good luck learning Indonesian online.