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   Learn Indonesian at Bintang Bahasa
The FASTEST and EASIEST way to
learn Indonesian. GUARANTEED!

Simply the FASTEST way to learn Indonesian!           

Are you absolutely committed to learning Indonesian? Great!! We're absolutely committed to helping you do that. Let's begin by answering your question: How to get started?

The simple dialogue on the right gives you an idea of how we start learning. We simply jump in and get started. There's no need for any grammar explanations or English, simply get started listening and speaking Indonesian. Language learning is a physical process! Learn by doing!!

We also focus on 'intuitive learning'. In the dialogue to the right, even if you don't know a single word in Indonesian you can immediately recognize that "Apa?" = "What?", and "Ini." = "This.". Simple, right?

And you pershaps also realize that:
"Iya, itu buku saya juga." = "Yeah, that's my book also."

So, 'juga' = 'too, also, as well'' and you'll discover naturally that it always appears at the end of the sentence.

What's included in the Introductory Package?

The core element of the Introductory Indonesian Package are the dialogues and related exercises. Details of these are illustrated below.

The reason this technique for learning Indonesian is so effective, is that it focuses on physical learning. Simply listen to the audio and read along. Next, the series of exercises gently activate your brain without creating any stress or anxiety.

The package is fully downloadable so you can use it offline; wherever and whenever you want.

The mp3 audio files can also be copied to your mp3 player and listened to while exercising, driving or whatever. Even while you're sleeping or resting!

The PDF files can be printed for studying while sitting in your favourite chair.

Various other handy items are included, such as a dictionary, where you can quickly look up a word. And for extra vocabulary work there's the "10 Words a Day" section.

If you're still not sure and want to ask some questions, just send us an email.

Learning Options:

(All prices in USD)

      The best way to begin learning Indonesian is simply LISTEN, READ and SPEAK.

Try this for absolute Newbies!
Simply click on the text to play, press 'Ctrl' to pause/play, and use the 'slider' to adjust the speed.


For absolute newbies:

Apa ini? (What's this?)
Itu buku. (That's a book.)
Buku siapa? [Book who?]
Buku saya. (My book.)
Buku kamu? (Your book?)
Iya, buku saya.
Ini buku kamu juga?
Iya, itu buku saya.
Dan ini?
Iya, itu buku saya juga.
Ini apa?
Itu majalah. (magazine)
Majalah siapa?
Majalah saya.
Majalah kamu?
Iya, majalah saya.
Dan ini?
Itu majalah saya juga.
(looking at a photo)
Ini siapa? (Who's this?)
Mana? (Where?)
Itu anak saya.
Namanya siapa?
Umurnya berapa?
(How old is he?)

Delapan. (8)
Tinggal di mana dia?
(Where does he live?)

Sama ibunya.
(With his mom.)

Ini apa?
Koran. (newspaper)

And so on..

To learn Indonesian quickly and easily you need good material that builds on all previous material in a gradual 'spiral' of understanding.

Having words 'grouped together' is also very, very helpful and makes it much easier to make word associations and to help you remember the word you want to use.




how many

also, too

I, me, my
you, your

Steps for Learning Indonesian with Introductory Package

The first step is to read and listen to dialogues where new words are added gradually, with definitions provided. Words and expressions are repeated in a natural manner and often enough to greatly help them 'sink in'. This is much, much more effective than lists of words and sample sentences. By reading the dialogues and speaking along with the audio, you are 'physically' learning Indonesian. You're training your mouth and ears, and your intuitive learning abilities are allowed to kick in because your conscious mind is overwhelmed. It's a primary concept of our language learning method which I discovered in the book "Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain".

Welcome to Bintang Bahasa.  B:  Selamat datang di Bintang Bahasa. selamat datang: welcome
To where?  u:  Di mana? di: at
To Bintang Bahasa.  B:  Di Bintang Bahasa. mana: where
Where's that?  u:  Di mana itu? ke: to
Here.  B:  Di sini. itu: that
Bintang Bahasa is here.    Bintang Bahasa (ada) di sini. sini: here
This is Bintang Bahasa.    Ini Bintang Bahasa. ini: this
Oh, yeah?  u:  Oh, iya? iya: yes, yeah
Yes! This is Bintang Bahasa!  B:  Iya! Ini Bintang Bahasa! 
…uhh… Who are you?  u:  …uhh… Kamu siapa? kamu: you
Me? I'm Bob.  B:  Saya? Saya Bob. siapa: who

After listening to the dialogue once (about 2 minutes) students can either listen again and try speaking along with the audio, or try an exercise where you select the appropriate word. You've just been exposed to your first 20 or so words in Indonesian and you have been 'studying Indonesian' for just 2 minutes, but you will be able to do all the exercises correctly. We've 'tested' it many times and it's great to see how well it works and people are always surprised. That's the power of your 'intuitive mind' versus your 'conscious mind'. (Notice that the definition of each word is given when you hold your mouse over it.)

Welcome to Bintang Bahasa.  B:  Selamat datang ___ Bintang Bahasa.  dike
To where?  u:  ___ mana?  DiKe
To Bintang Bahasa.  B:  ___ Bintang Bahasa.  DiKe
Where's that?  u:  ___ mana itu?  DiKe
Here.  B:  ___ sini.  DiKe
Bintang Bahasa is here.    Bintang Bahasa (ada) ___ sini.  dike
This is Bintang Bahasa.    Ini Bintang Bahasa. 
Oh, yeah?  u:  Oh, iya? 
Yes! This is Bintang Bahasa!  B:  Iya! Ini Bintang Bahasa! 
…uhh… Who are you?  u:  …uhh… Kamu siapa? 
Me? I'm Bob.  B:  Saya? Saya Bob. 

Of course the exercise is extremely easy, and that's the secret! Most programs introduce new material and then ask questions that simply cause stress and anxiety in the student. And it requires conscious memory!! It's like trying to fill a bucket that's upside down.

Learning is about connecting neurons in your brain and then, even more importantly, strengthening them through repetition. But not 'one after the other in a list' repetition. That's nearly useless.

Our methods 'turn the bucket over' and then fill it easily and naturally.

After doing several exercises 'selecting the correct answer', the next step is to try typing in the missing word. This is again 'physical learning' and is intended to be 'easy'. Each student is encouraged to progress at whatever speed they feel comfortable with, and it's best to take a relaxed pace and not push on too quickly before you've 'absorbed' the information and really made those neuron connections strong.

Note that mouseover answers are given but physically doing the typing is strongly recommended help 'solidify' the learning process.

Welcome to Bintang Bahasa.  B:  Selamat datang Bintang Bahasa.
To where?  u:   mana?
To Bintang Bahasa.  B:   Bintang Bahasa.
Where's that?  u:   mana itu?
Here.  B:   sini.
Bintang Bahasa is here.    Bintang Bahasa (ada) sini.
This is Bintang Bahasa.    Ini Bintang Bahasa.

The final step is to give the entire dialogue in the opposing language. This approach to learning Indonesian (or any language) makes it more like learning a sport or learning to play a musical instrument. The physical action is paramount, and you'll be surprised, it's like riding a bike, you never forget. :) Seriously, the learning is 'deeper' and it stays with you for much longer even if you're not using it.

Welcome to Bintang Bahasa!     (?)

Ready to start learning Indonesian?

We hope so, and we hope you now see why we believe this is the best way to learn Indonesian.

If you're still not sure and want to ask some questions, just send us an email.

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Learning Options:

(All prices in USD)