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Mau belajar bahasa Indonesia?    (Click on Indonesian text to hear it. Use 'ctrl' to pause.)
We're now creating a program for learning Indonesian with your phone.

All you really need to learn Indonesian is to see, hear and pracitce speaking. You literally 'speak to learn'. And you need to hear words and expressions as spoken by native speakers.

Sound like a native speaker!

Selamat pagi.  (Good morning.)
(sounds like S'lamat pagi.)

delapan  (eight)
(sounds like 'lapan. You often don't hear a 'd' sound at all.)
(You often hear d'lapan with a slight 'd' but like 'selamat' you'll never hear a strong 'se' or 'de' to start the word.)

belajar  (learn)    (sounds like b'lajar)

Siap belajar bahasa Indonesia?   ( Are you ready to learn Indonesian? )

Siap.   ( Yes. ) [ Ready. ]

( Iya, saya siap. )   ( Yes. I'm ready. )

belajar   ( learn )

Selamat pagi.   ( Good morning. )

Selamat siang.   ( from 10am - 3pm )

Selamat sore.   ( from 3pm - dark )

Selamat malam.   ( Good evening. / Good night. )

What's the word for 'big'?
Yes, the 'proper' word is 'besar' but you will almost never hear a local use it, they will always say 'gede'.

I constantly meet people who have learned some Indonesian with other programs and books, yet they have no idea how to say many basic things. In particular the expression "What are you doing?": Lagi ngapain?

Sure, you can say "Kamu sedang apa?" and they will understand you but the only thing they ever say is "Lagi ngapain?". And it's usually quite difficult for beginners to learn how to say it. The 'nga' is like the 'nga' in 'Singapore' and 'sing a song'. Try it. 'ngapore', 'nga'. The next part is pronounced 'pa-een'. Now try them together: ngapain.

Lagi ngapain?  ( What are you doing? )

The best way to begin learning Indonesian, or any language, is simply:

Apa ini?   ( What's this? )

Apa?   ( What? )

Ini.   ( This. )

Itu buku.   ( That's a book. )

Buku siapa?   ( Whose book? )

Buku saya.   ( My book. )

Buku kamu?   ( Your book? )

Iya, buku saya.   ( Yes, my book. )

As a beginner it's vitally important that you learn properly from the beginning! Bad habits are VERY hard to fix later. In Indonesian you say 'buku saya' (my book), 'nama saya' (my name), etc. We had an Australian lady who had already had over a month of intensive lessons in Australia before he posting to Jakarta and she constantly said 'saya suami' because she was thinking 'my husband'. Learning with our method makes it physically impossible to make such a mistake because you learn physically (read, listen, speak) and intuitively.

Continue LISTENING, READING and SPEAKING Indonesian.

Ini buku kamu juga?   ( Is this your book also? )

Iya, itu buku saya.   ( Yes, that's my book. )

Dan ini?   ( And this? )

Iya, itu buku saya juga.   ( Yes, that's my book too. )

Ini apa?   ( What's this? )

Apa?   ( What? )

Ini.   ( This. )

Itu majalah.   ( That's a magazine. )

Majalah siapa?   ( Whose magazine is it? )

Majalah saya.   ( It's my magazine. )

Majalah kamu?   ( It's your magazine? )

Iya, majalah saya.   ( Yes, it's my magazine. )

Dan ini?   ( And this? )

Itu majalah saya juga.   ( That's also my magazine. )

Ini siapa?    ( Who's this? )

Mana?   ( Where? )

Ini.   ( Here. )[ This. ]

Itu anak saya.   ( That's my son. )

Namanya siapa?   ( What's his name? )


Umurnya berapa?   ( How old is he? )

Delapan.   ( Eight. )

Tinggal di mana dia?   ( Where does he live? )

Sama ibunya.   ( With his mom. )

Ini apa?   ( What's this? )

Koran.    ( A newspaper. )

Notice how we repeat simple questions like "Apa ini?" so that you get what is called 'spaced repetition' and it has to be designed into a good program. The fact is, we often forget seconds after we've been told something.

Our audio programs will combine short dialogues in Indonesian along with brief explanations in English where necessary along with vocabulary review and other formats to help you learn Indonesian enjoyably and effectively.

Here's a fun beginner dialogue: Bob Saja (Just Bob)

Selamat datang, di Bintang Bahasa  ( Welcome, to Bintang Bahasa. )

Di mana  ( To where? )

Di Bintang Bahasa  ( To Bintang Bahasa. )

Di mana itu  ( Where's that? )

Di sini  ( Here. )

Bintang Bahasa (ada) di sini  ( Bintang Bahasa is here. )

Ini Bintang Bahasa  ( This is Bintang Bahasa. )

Oh, iya  ( Oh, yeah? )

Iya! Ini Bintang Bahasa  ( Yes! This is Bintang Bahasa! )

..uhh.. Kamu siapa  ( ..uhh.. Who are you? )

Saya? Saya Bob.   ( Me? I'm Bob. )

Bob?   ( Bob? )

Iya, Bob.   ( Yes, Bob. )

Bob siapa  ( Bob who? )

Bob saja  ( Just Bob. )

Bob Saja  ( Just Bob? )

Iya, Bob saja  ( Yes, just Bob. )

Oke, Mister Saja..   ( Ok, Just Bob. )

Nggak, nggak. Bob. Bob saja  ( No, no. Bob. Just Bob. )

Iya, saya bilang Mister Saja  ( Yeah, that's what I said, Just Bob. )

Tapi nama saya Bob saja  ( But my name is just Bob. )

Bob Saja  ( Just Bob? )

Iya, Bob saja  ( Yes, just Bob. )

Oke, Mister Saja..   ( Ok, Just Bob. )

Nggak, nggak. Bob. Bob saja  ( No, no. Bob. Just Bob. )

Bob Saja  ( Just Bob? )

Iya, Bob saja  ( Yes, just Bob. )

Oke, Saja  ( Ok, Just. )

Nggak, nama saya Bob.   ( No, my name is Bob. )

Bob?   ( Bob? )

Iya, Bob. Bob saja  ( Yes, Bob. Just Bob. )

Bob Saja  ( Just Bob? )

Iya, Bob saja  ( Yes, just Bob. )

Saya di mana  ( Where am I? )

Di Bintang Bahasa  ( At Bintang Bahasa. )

Dan.. Bintang Bahasa di mana  ( And.. where's Bintang Bahasa? )

Di sini  ( Here. )

Ini Bintang Bahasa  ( This is Bintang Bahasa. )

Dan nama kamu..?   ( And your name is..? )

Bob.   ( Bob. )

Bob Saja  ( Just Bob? )

Iya, Bob saja  ( Yeah, just Bob. )

Dan di sini Bintang Bahasa  ( And this is Bintang Bahasa? )

Betul  ( Correct. )

Oke.. saya ada di Bintang Bahasa dan kamu Bob Saja  ( Ok.. I'm at Bintang Bahasa and you're Just Bob. )

Betul  ( Correct. )

Kamu dari mana  ( Where are you from? )

Saya  ( Me? )

Iya, kamu  ( Yes, you. )

Saya dari Australia.   ( I'm from Australia. )

Ahh!! Australia.   ( Ahh!! Australia. )

Nama kamu siapa  ( What's your name? )

Nama saya  ( My name? )

Iya, nama kamu. Nama kamu siapa  ( Yes, your name. What’s your name? )

Nama saya Andy.   ( My name's Andy. )

Hai Andy, selamat datang di Bintang Bahasa  ( Hi Andy, welcome to Bintang Bahasa. )

Hai... Bob?   ( Hi... Bob? )

Bagus  ( Good! )

Mari.. kita lihat  ( Come.. let's have a look. )

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