Advanced audio lessons for learning Indonesian!

Mau terusin belajar bahasa Indonesia?   (Click on Indonesian text to hear it. Use 'ctrl' to pause.)
If you want to advance your Indonesian speaking and listening skills, this is the best place online.

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Sound like a native speaker!

Selamat pagi.  (Good morning.)
(sounds like S'lamat pagi.)

delapan  (eight)
(sounds like 'lapan. You often don't hear a 'd' sound at all.)
(You often hear d'lapan with a slight 'd' but like 'selamat' you'll never hear a strong 'se' or 'de' to start the word.)

belajar  (learn)    (sounds like b'lajar)

Siap belajar bahasa Indonesia?   ( Are you ready to learn Indonesian? )

Siap.   ( Yes. ) [ Ready. ]

Iya, saya siap.   ( Yes, I'm ready. )

belajar   ( learn )

Selamat pagi.   ( Good morning. )

Selamat siang.   ( from 10am - 3pm )

Selamat sore.   ( from 3pm - dark )

Selamat malam.   ( Good evening. / Good night. )

Apa ini?   (What's this? )

Apa?   (What? )

Ini.   (This. )

Itu buku.   (That's a book. )

Buku siapa?   (Whose book? )

Buku saya.   (My book. )

Buku kamu?   (Your book? )

Iya, buku saya.   (Yes, my book. )

belajar   (learn )