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(Do you want to speak Indonesian fluently?)
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Try listening to the last Level 3 Indonesian dialogue below from our Pre-Intermediate Package to check if you're ready for the Intermediate Indonesian material.

(Mouseover will show the English translation of the Indonesian words still being learned.)

Di Kantor  ( At the office.. )

Permisi, bisa masuk sebentar  ( Excuse me, may I come in? )

Ya, silakan saja  ( Yes, sure. )

Maaf mengganggu..   ( Sorry for interrupting. )

Oh nggak apa-apa, ada yang bisa saya bantu  ( Oh, no problem. How can I help you? )

Makasih, Bu.   ( Thank you, Ma'am. )

Ayo bilang aja, ada apa.   ( Go ahead, tell me, what is it? )

Maaf bu, saya mau minta ijin.   ( Yes, I'd like to ask 'permission', please. )

Ijin apa?   ( What kind of permission? )

Saya mau minta ijin cuti  ( I'd like to take some holidays. )

Mau minta libur ya?   ( You'd like to take some days off, eh? )

Ya, benar.   ( Yes, please. )

Bisa saya tahu untuk apa?   ( May I know what it's for? )

Saya mau pulang kampung, Bu.   ( I want to go back to my hometown, Ma'am. )

Ada masalah di kampungmu?   ( Is there any problem there? )

Oh nggak ada.   ( Oh, no. )

Jadi alasannya apa?   ( So, what's the reason? )

Adik saya mau nikah  ( My sister is getting married. )

Oh ya?   ( Oh really? )

Menurut Ibu, kira-kira berapa hari saya bisa ijin cuti  ( So, how many days do you think I can have off? )

Paling lama dua hari.   ( At the most, two days. )

Saya bisa dapat lebih dari itu, nggak, Bu?   ( Is there any chance of getting more than that? )

Dua hari nggak cukup buat kamu?   ( Is two days not enough (for you)? )

Nggak, kayaknya nggak cukup  ( No, I don't think so. )

Kenapa  ( Why is that? )

Karena kampung saya lumayan jauh, Bu.   ( Because my hometown is quite far from here. )

Emangnya kampungmu di mana?   ( Where's your hometown? )

Di Surabaya.   ( It's in Surabaya. )

Dan biasanya perjalanannya ke sana juga
butuh dua hari. 
  ( And usually it takes two days to get there. )

Emangnya kamu ke sana naik apa?   ( How are you getting there? )

Biasanya saya naik kereta.   ( Usually I take the train. )

Kalau libur seminggu bisa nggak bu?   ( Is it possible to get a week off? )

Oh kalau itu kelama an.   ( Oh, that's a bit too long. )

Tetapi kamu bisa dapat cuti (selama) empat hari.   ( But you can have four days off. )

Ya Bu, bagus sekali.   ( Yes Ma'am, that would be great. )

Cukup kan, empat hari?   ( Four days is enough, isn't it? )

Ya, saya juga mikir begitu  ( Yes, I think so. )

Kapan adikmu nikah  ( When is your sister getting married? )

Hari Kamis, Bu.   ( She's getting married on Thursday, Ma'am. )

Tiga hari lagi dari sekarang ya?   ( Three days from now, yeah? )

Oke deh, kalo gitu, saya kasih kamu ijin.   ( All right then, you have my permission. “>   *     )

Ya, makasih banyak, Bu. Satu lagi Bu, bisa nggak
Ibu buatkan surat ijin cuti buat saya? 
  ( Thank you very much, Ma'am. One more thing, is it possible for you to write me a leave permit letter? )

Ya, nanti saya bikinin.   ( Yes, sure. I'll write one for you. )

Kamu mau pulang kapan  ( When are you going back? )

Besok pagi, Bu..   ( Tomorrow morning, Ma'am. )

Siapa yang akan mengerjakan kerjaan kamu
pas kamu pergi
  ( So, who will take over your job while you're gone? )

Saya sudah minta tolong teman saya untuk urus
kerjaan saya pas saya pergi
  ( I've already asked my friend to take care (to manage) my work while I am gone. )

Menurutmu dia udah siap?   ( Do you think he's ready for it? )

Oh, dia siap sekali, Bu!   ( Oh yes, definitely, Ma'am. )

Oke, kalau begitu nggak ada masalah  ( All right, there shouldn't be any problem then. )

Ini kamu tanda tangan di sini..   ( Here you are, just sign here. )

Iya Bu.   ( Yes Ma'am. )

Makasih banget ya bu..   ( Thank you very much Ma'am.. )

Ya, sama-sama. Hati-hati. 'Met jalan ya.   ( You're welcome. Take care. Have a nice trip, ya. )

Ya, Bu. Makasih.   ( I will Ma'am, thank you. )

Is this really the best way to learn Indonesian?

Quite simply, YES! But if you've found another method, we'd love to see it. You see, it's a simple process of 'physical training', progressing step by step. You learn a few words, then another few while continuing to use all the previous words until they become 'second nature' and you never even made an effort to memorize any of them. In fact, thinking about it will often lead to mistakes and simply replying instinctively will almost always be correct, IF you've learned 'intuitively' and 'physically'.

We've designed the program so that each step builds on the previous step. And quite literally, you 'speak to learn Indonesian'. The physical process of speaking and practicing getting the proper pronunciation and intonation allows you to learn the language almost effortlessly.

Each of our learning packages are also designed to 'activate' what you're learning by having you do simple exercises. The physical action required in the exercises progressively stimulate an action which helps build and strengthen the neural connections which are being built. Again, this process makes the learning almost effortless.

You can see a sample of all the exercises in our beginner audio series Bob Saja (Just Bob). (Clicking will open the dialogue in a new tab and you can then work through the exercises.)

We also realize that an effective language learning program has to take several approaches in order for a student to completely learn and understand the material. Thus, there is a lot of overlap between the dialogues. When you see and hear a word or phrase that you 'sort of remember' in a new context, that's when it 'clicks' and gets locked in to your long term memory.

So... Sekarang siap belajar bahasa Indonesia?
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