Mau belajar bahasa Indonesia?

(Do you want to learn Indonesian?)
Our Beginner Indonesian Program is exactly what you need. Try listening to the simple dialogue below to get started.

(Click on Indonesian text to hear it. Use 'ctrl' to pause.)
(Mouseover will show the English translation of the Indonesian word.)

Selamat datang, di Bintang Bahasa  ( Welcome, to Bintang Bahasa. )

Di mana  ( To where? )

Di Bintang Bahasa  ( To Bintang Bahasa. )

Di mana itu  ( Where's that? )

Di sini  ( Here. )

Bintang Bahasa (ada) di sini  ( Bintang Bahasa is here. )

Ini Bintang Bahasa  ( This is Bintang Bahasa. )

Oh, iya  ( Oh, yeah? )

Iya! Ini Bintang Bahasa  ( Yes! This is Bintang Bahasa! )

..uhh.. Kamu siapa  ( ..uhh.. Who are you? )

Saya? Saya Bob.   ( Me? I'm Bob. )

Bob?   ( Bob? )

Iya, Bob.   ( Yes, Bob. )

Bob siapa  ( Bob who? )

Bob saja  ( Just Bob. )

Bob Saja  ( Just Bob? )

Iya, Bob saja  ( Yes, just Bob. )

Oke, Mister Saja..   ( Ok, Just Bob. )

Nggak, nggak. Bob. Bob saja  ( No, no. Bob. Just Bob. )

Iya, saya bilang Mister Saja  ( Yeah, that's what I said, Just Bob. )

Tapi nama saya Bob saja  ( But my name is just Bob. )

Bob Saja  ( Just Bob? )

Iya, Bob saja  ( Yes, just Bob. )

Oke, Mister Saja..   ( Ok, Just Bob. )

Nggak, nggak. Bob. Bob saja  ( No, no. Bob. Just Bob. )

Bob Saja  ( Just Bob? )

Iya, Bob saja  ( Yes, just Bob. )

Oke, Saja  ( Ok, Just. )

Nggak, nama saya Bob.   ( No, my name is Bob. )

Bob?   ( Bob? )

Iya, Bob. Bob saja  ( Yes, Bob. Just Bob. )

Bob Saja  ( Just Bob? )

Iya, Bob saja  ( Yes, just Bob. )

Saya di mana  ( Where am I? )

Di Bintang Bahasa  ( At Bintang Bahasa. )

Dan.. Bintang Bahasa di mana  ( And.. where's Bintang Bahasa? )

Di sini  ( Here. )

Ini Bintang Bahasa  ( This is Bintang Bahasa. )

Dan nama kamu..?   ( And your name is..? )

Bob.   ( Bob. )

Bob Saja  ( Just Bob? )

Iya, Bob saja  ( Yeah, just Bob. )

Dan di sini Bintang Bahasa  ( And this is Bintang Bahasa? )

Betul  ( Correct. )

Oke.. saya ada di Bintang Bahasa dan kamu Bob Saja  ( Ok.. I'm at Bintang Bahasa and you're Just Bob. )

Betul  ( Correct. )

Kamu dari mana  ( Where are you from? )

Saya  ( Me? )

Iya, kamu  ( Yes, you. )

Saya dari Australia.   ( I'm from Australia. )

Ahh!! Australia.   ( Ahh!! Australia. )

Nama kamu siapa  ( What's your name? )

Nama saya  ( My name? )

Iya, nama kamu. Nama kamu siapa  ( Yes, your name. What’s your name? )

Nama saya Andy.   ( My name's Andy. )

Hai Andy, selamat datang di Bintang Bahasa  ( Hi Andy, welcome to Bintang Bahasa. )

Hai... Bob?   ( Hi... Bob? )

Bagus  ( Good! )

Mari.. kita lihat  ( Come.. let's have a look. )

What's the best way to learn Indonesian?

It's a simple process of 'physical training', progressing step by step. You learn 10 words, then another 5 while continuing to use the previous 10, then another 5, and another 5, while continuing to use the words you've previously 'learned', and so on. Each step builds on the previous step.

We've designed the program to do just that. Quite literally, you 'speak to learn Indonesian'. The physical process of speaking and practicing getting the proper pronunciation and intonation allows you to learn the language almost effortlessly.

Our learning packages are also designed to 'activate' what you're learning by having you do simple exercises. The physical action required in the exercises progressively stimulate an action which helps build and strengthen the neural connections which are being built. Again, this process makes the learning almost effortless.

You can see this clearly in our audio series Bob Saja (Just Bob). (Best viewed on laptop or computer.)

We also realize that an effective language learning program has to take several approaches in order for a student to completely learn and understand the material. Thus, there is a lot of overlap between the dialogues. When you see and hear a word or phrase that you 'sort of remember' in a new context, that's when it 'clicks' and gets locked in to your long term memory.

We also provide audio files that you can listen to while doing other activities. Our 'Learn Indonesian' series with Pak Keban introduces you to many basic words and ideas along with some repetition to help you remember them.

LI-01 : Your first words in Indonesian
(Click here for webpage with 'active text')
(Best viewed on laptop or computer.)

Our '10 Words per Page Audio Series' similarly starts with your very first words in Indonesian and takes you step-by-step to an intermediate level, where you can comfortably communicate day to day. It progresses quicker than the above audio but gives a good summary of the details and points to remember.

10pp_01 : Your first 50 Indonesian words
(Full PDF transcript is also provided.)

So... Sekarang siap belajar bahasa Indonesia?
( Are you ready to learn Indonesian now? )

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